Endless Summer – Fashion Editorial

January 2015

Another great shoot that I worked on back in 2013 is worth sharing again with a little back story for everyone. One of the greatest attributes I carry is my love for all things vintage, especially those magical years between 1950-1965. Something about that era with the clothing, cinema, music, art, and social scene really creates a sense of nostalgia for me.

For this themed shoot, I traveled back to one of the oldest motels on the west coast of Florida. The Sands of Treasure Island is not only historic but also a favorite spot of mine to utilize. Resting on the back end of the Gulf of Mexico in Treasure Island this motel dates all the way back to the 1950’s when it was surrounded by other beach spot lodging for snow birds and Canadian travelers to visit and stay at for extended periods in the late Winter and early Springs months of the year. The Sands once had a sister motel named The Surf but unfortunately it was closed and demolished back in 2006. I did have the chance to photograph there also and will be sharing those photos and stories for another time.

For this shoot at The Sands I had the pleasure of working with a dynamic team of creative individuals. Our model: Hanna Edström was visiting the Miami area from Wisconsin for a long weekend and she agreed to travel up north for two days to work with our team. The other team members were all local artists in the area that I had contacted but not worked with before except for the stylist on set: Karleen Clark.

After a few weeks of coordinating dates and different ideas on the hair, makeup, and wardrobe looks, we all met on sunny weekday morning at the location. I originally booked one room with a balcony overlooking the pool area. I had photographed before in the other style rooms on the ground level but thought the new view would be a change of venue. But after arriving and seeing the large amount of wardrobe and supplies for the shoot, I decided to book a second room downstairs to utilize for a majority of the looks.

Now I must say that often times when we work on a production shoot we always aim for more looks than normal. And after seeing the large amount of wardrobe options in front of us, we did end up shooting over 8 different looks that day. And to add more to our list, we also got video from a majority of the looks when time allowed. All together we were able to create a vibrant shoot that everyone was pleased with.

The photographs were published in two separate issues of Like a Lion Magazine. An Australian based Fashion Magazine and a wonderful publication that everyone should subscribe to.

I hope you enjoy looking over the set of photographs from an extraordinary day at The Sands of Treasure Island.


Title: Endless Summer

Photographer: Jon Cancelino

Model: Hanna Edström

Hair and Makeup: Monique McLaughlin – Shawn Bhonet

Wardrobe: Karleen Clark










IMG_5724_V1w\IMG_5537_V1w  IMG_5525_V1w\IMG_5606_V1w
















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  1. Akande
    Akande says:

    Wow girl. The first one with the polka dot headscarf made my heart skip a beat. She is googerus, and these images seem to suit her so perfectly .now to go get one of those divine jackets it’s my FAVE color!!!


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