Sugar and Spice – Fashion Webtorial

June 2015

Amber and Maggie had a long day shooting this spread. With all the baking – food prep – and staging it was pretty labor intensive. But in the end they ended up having a great time putting together this friendly sleepover spread with all it’s sugar induced antics.

Who couldn’t resist dozens of cupcakes – balloons – board games – party favors and lots of great music playing all day while getting hair and makeup done all while just having a goofy time shooting.

When I put together shoots of this size I really try to make it as fun and comfortable for everyone. We all met around noon time that day and completed our last set of looks just shy of 9pm. The amount of props for this shoot was a bit in excess. We had balloons – candy – snacks – sodas – streamers – glitter – cupcakes – frosting – board games and more. The energy level for everyone was really high the entire day and the girls fell right into the rhythm from one look to another. They never met each other until that day but the chemistry worked out really well between them. In the end we created a terrific set of fun and vibrant images that we hope you will enjoy looking at.


Title: Sugar and Spice

Photographer: Jon Cancelino

Models: Amber Sym and Maggie Nakarato

Hair and Makeup: Blend True Makeup

Wardrobe: Aerie and Victoria’s Secret













Thank you and enjoy reading!

-Jon Cancelino


















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