Roman Holiday – Fashion Editorial

June 2015


Summer is in full effect and down here in sunny Clearwater Florida it’s never more apparent every single day. So with my love for all things vintage and some terrific wardrobe we set out to create another beautiful editorial spread. Roman Holiday is a throwback to one of my favorite actresses Audrey Hepburn. Her work over the years is still inspiring for people of all generations. The classy yet beautiful grace in which she presented herself on and off the screen is timeless. So I set out in this spread to pay my homage to this brilliant actress. My team set out and covered a nice range of locations in the Clearwater area on a very warm but still nice Sunday afternoon. Indya our model did a fantastic job replicating the persona of the late actress in front of the camera. Her trans-formative appearance was able to give a wide array of different looks in the spread. Monique also greatly contributed in helping with this amazing transformation with some creative ways to carefully style and transition from one look to another as we moved across the city.

Starting at The Coral Resort on Clearwater Beach we began with a simple but powerful swim look which definitely turned some heads with the guests staying there. The bright contrast of the overhead sun worked in our favor and the entire team was spot on with nailing down the hair/makeup and poses for the first look. Proceeding further into the beach area we captured the second look on the bridge crossing over the inter-coastal onto the downtown beach area. Indya again was able to project the elegant flow in the Summer dress we had styled in. All of these looks were captured with natural light and no additional strobes to ensure a very natural feeling to the spread.

After a short break to cool down we proceeded on the sandy rocks just outside Dunedin for the third look. A more classy and early 30’s style to the hair was done for this one but easily could have been a retro style that Audrey would have fashioned perhaps one day while vacationing on the beach. A very tranquil and peaceful feeling came over everyone in this series of looks. The balance of the landscape and portrait of the model worked out to create an amazing set. Completing the fourth and final look for the series was a throwback to the 1950’s Hollywood Boulevard era. With long flared pants and a handmade top Indya projected more of bad girl style in this set compared to the rest. You can start to feel the aura of James Dean come through in this look that was a great way to finish the day.

In the end we had created a cohesive yet diverse range of looks for the spread. The final photographs were published in Panache Vue Magazine in their May 2015 issue. But it’s only fair to showcase the entire set of images including the ones not published to fully appreciate the spread.


Title: Roman Holiday

Photographer: Jon Cancelino

Model: Indya Smith

Hair and Makeup: Monique Laughlin

Wardrobe: Nicole Hughes



















Thank you and enjoy reading!

-Jon Cancelino


















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